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Laser Academy of Arizona is dedicated to helping working professionals achieve clinical excellence through a focus on hands-on practice. We offer a wide range of cosmetic lasers for hands-on training in addition to partnerships with local medical spas to provide real world experience that you can use in the advancement of your professional development.  With over 15 years of experience, Laser Academy of Arizona has created an online learning program, paired with an intensive hands-on approach to achieve competency.

Although you can become certified in the field of laser and medical aesthetics regardless of your skill level or background, we highly recommend our program for those with a passion for skin care, dermatology, and customer services.  Many of our students and working professionals come from an aesthetics and healthcare background.

The Laser Academy of Arizona teaching facility is located in sunny Tucson, Arizona. Students will practice and gain real-world skill sets combined with in-clinic observation and hands-on training with a variety of FDA approved lasers.

Why Laser Academy of Arizona is the choice for working professionals:

  • We offer a two-part program that includes online learning and a focus on hands-on, real world, experience.

    Our online experience gives you the flexibility to complete the didactic course at your own time. The didactic course offers 40 hours online excluding quizzes and examinations. After the successful completion of our online program, you will be attending clinical courses that focus on hands-on treatments with actual patients.

  • Our program is flexible to meet your schedule needs, therefore, it is tailored to the working professional. Complete the program in as little as 2 weeks or over a 6-month period.

    Many of our students are full time working health professionals who need the schedule flexibility. This allows them to professionally develop their careers without taking excessive time off.

  • Small class settings ensure you receive the maximum hands-on experience that translates to real world experience.

    Our training program has been tailored to a classroom max of 3 health professionals. This allows us to provide an intensive hands-on laser training program. The more patients you are able to practice on, the faster your competency will be achieved.

  • Our program meets the requirements of the State of Arizona.

    At the completion of our program, our certification coordinator will assist in completing all the necessary documentation to obtain your license from the State of Arizona. This license allows you to legally perform cosmetic laser treatment with some restrictions.

  • Laser Academy of Arizona offers paid internship opportunities with local medical spas.

    We partner with a local medical spa in Tucson and in Yuma Arizona that offers short term paid internships. These internships provide continuing hands-on experience that is helpful to obtain employment in the industry.

If you have any questions, please contact us.