Welcome to
Laser Academy of Arizona

Affordable medispa & laser treatments

Welcome to
Laser Academy of Arizona

We help you achieve cosmetic laser certification with a focus on hands-on competency.

Why Choose Laser Academy?

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Laser Academy of Arizona offers hands-on laser training in IPL, laser hair reduction, tattoo removal, and fractionated lasers.  For over 15 years, we have been helping aestheticians, nurses, and physicians achieve clinical competency in the use of aesthetic lasers.

Our training program has been created with the working professional in mind. Our program offers online learned theory but focuses on hands-on training. This approach to training leads to improved competency and real-world preparation for estheticians, nurses, physicians, and other health professionals. Our courses will teach you practical applications for a wide range cosmetic lasers and skin conditions. With our training, you will experience, firsthand, laser hair removal, IPL, laser tattoo removal, stretch mark removal, and fractionated lasers.

At the completion of the course, you will obtain your laser certification from both Laser Academy of Arizona and the State of Arizona. This will give you the legal requirements to operate lasers in the state of Arizona.

  • 50% less expensive than most training facilities.

Many of this training facilities price gouge students. The students end up with a fancy certificate with sub par hands-on skills and unnecessary classroom experience.

  • Online training, completed at your own pace.

Many of these training facilities offer a weeks' worth of classroom lectures. This is unnecessary because it requires working professionals to take a week or more off of work.

  • Focus on hands-on training.

Working professionals need a minimum of 10 treatments for each modality of training. For example, 10 hands-on treatment for treatment A, 10 hands-on treatment for treatment B, etc.

  • Flexible training schedule.

Most of these laser programs requires the working professional to find 2 weeks off to obtain their certification. This is completely unnecessary and rigid.



Laser Didactic – 40 hour


Laser Hair Removal: Hands-On Training & Certification


IPL & Photofacial: Hands-On Training & Certification


Tattoo Removal: Hands-On Training & Certification


Microneedling: Hands-On Training & Certification


Basic Botox Injection: Hands-On Training & Certification


Basic Lip Filler Injections: Hands-On Training & Certification

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